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Review: Michael Turner's Fathom: Blue Descent #0

After 12 years Aspen promises more answers.

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After twelve years, Aspen fans will finally get answers about Aspen Matthews and her past.

The Good

This is a zero issue. It sets things up nicely. If you've never read a Fathom comic, you can...dive right in and see where things are going. Despite the time that Aspen Matthews has been around, we haven't seen her past fully explored. Now new and old readers can discover the secrets of her past and parents together. 
The art by Scott Clark and the colors by Jeff Chang are beautiful. They're still following in the footsteps of Michael Turner and the art, along with the story all just flow together like...the water in the ocean.
There's literally a whole world here for Aspen and readers to explore. The $2.50 cover price makes it easy for new readers to take a chance in deciding to pick this up.

The Bad

As beautiful as the art is, it is very reminiscent of Michael Turner. What? How can that be a bad thing? While I enjoyed the art, I have to wonder if Scott Clark is purposely trying to draw (successfully) in Turner's style. I recall his art from back in 1997's Alpha Flight series and the art is pretty different. How would a Fathom comic be accepted if drawn in a different style?

The Verdict - 4/5

I've been an on-again-off-again Fathom reader. There's been times that comic almost felt like just an excuse to have a female in little clothing swimming around. With Blue Descent, it looks like we will be getting answers here. After reading this zero issue, I'm actually looking forward to reading the rest. Let's see what answers Aspen will have for us.
It was a good issue but still a zero issue. It's setting things up for the rest of the mini-series but it's not one of those super light zero issues that some publishers put out. I would've liked to have seen a little more to the issue but again, it's setting things up for what's to come.