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Review: Magdalena- Blood of the Lamb #2

A beautifully executed introduction

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The bloodline of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ has lived on through generations of women who have been trained to protect the church. These women are the Magdalena.

The Good

The real question is what wasn't good about this issue? The art is absolutely breathtaking. Nelson Blake II captures movement in his panels with perfection. There are a lot of artists that could take some tips from his style when it comes to drawing perspective. There were no awkward poses, only clean lines and gorgeous pencils. The shading and colors were also stunning and only aided in sucking you into the story. Ron Marz presents a perfect issue two, catering to those that read the first issue as well as establishing a clear outline for the upcoming story to hook new readers. The story is really well written, presents a fantastic overview of the characters and makes you want to keep reading. If you have never before picked up an issue of Magdalena, this is a perfect starting point for you as the new reader. 

The Bad

The young boy in this issue seems almost like the same boy from the film 'The Omen,' which feels slightly unoriginal. However, the fact that there is a child in the comic and in the film are really the only commonality between the two and I don't expect there to be any further coincidences.

The Verdict- 4.5/5

The thing I really like about Magdalena is that it has a strong, hard headed main female character that can kick major but. Only into the second issue and it is already obvious that there will be more to the story than just Patience kicking butt and taking names. I found myself completely sucked into this story, and I cannot wait for issue #3. If you like adventure and stories that are influenced by theology, be sure to pick this up.