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Review: MAD Season One, Part Two DVD

No one is safe from being spoofed in this second collection of the television show.

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Mad Magazine got it's start back in 1952. Read by millions, it continues being published to this day. The idea of MAD is to parody everything. No one is safe from getting the MAD treatment month after month.

The magazine isn't just about doing parodies of movies, televisions and everything else. There is also original features such as Spy Vs. Spy, Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions and much more.

In September 2010, Cartoon Network began airing the MAD television show. It contains everything you would expect if you've ever read the magazine. There are plenty of spoofs as well as the other reoccurring features found in the magazine.

This is the second release containing the second half of the season, which aired from February 2011 to June 2011. There are thirteen episodes here.

  • == TEASER ==Pokemon Park / WWER
  • So You Think You Can Train Your Dragon / Yo Gagga Gagga
  • Straight A Team / Gaming's Next Top Model
  • The Buzz Identity / Two and a Half Man
  • Are You Karate Kidding Me / Fresh Prawn of Bel Air
  • HOPS / Naru-210
  • KoBee Movie / Law & Ogre
  • Pooh Grit / Not-A-Fan-Of Montana
  • The Social Netjerk / Smallville: Turn Off The Clark
  • TwiSchool Musical / Avenger Time
  • ArThor / Big Fan Theory
  • Ribbetless / The Clawfice
  • Force Code / Flammable

As you can see by the episode titles, if it gets made, it will be parodied. Each episode runs just over eleven minutes. While it's not clear from the episode titles, there is quite a bit of comic book parodies in a lot of the episodes. Included here are shorts on "Itsy Bitsy Super Spider Kit," "Iron Man's Irontone Sunblock," "TMNTmz," "Smallville: Turn Off The Clark," "Avenger Time" and "The Jersey Thor." There's plenty of other humorous such as "Donkey Kong Workout," "The Buzz Identity" (Buzz Lightyear meets Jason Bourne), "The Fast and the Curious" (Vin Diessel and Curious George) among others.

Not every short is hilarious. In some ways it's like the magazine. I'll admit I haven't read the magazine in a while because of this reason. Some parts aren't too funny. Maybe it depends on your taste in humor so there is something for everyone.

You can pick up the DVD in stores (or get it directly from Warner Bros). It was released on January 17. The only special feature is a MAD Digital Comic along with trailers for Young Justice and ThunderCats. It has a total running time of 146 minutes so there's plenty to watch. I really like the eleven minute format because you can watch episodes in small doses here and there when you have the time.

If all that wasn't enough of a reason to pick it up, maybe this clip will say it all.


Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

In all honesty this seems to be the kid-friendly Robot Chicken to me.

Avatar image for gmanfromheck
Posted By gmanfromheck

@RedheadedAtrocitus: It's like the magazine which was out a bit before Robot Chicken (which obviously I love).

Avatar image for b_heart
Posted By B_Heart

The few times I've seen these on Cartoon network have had some pretty funny segments. It's no Adventure time but it's got good sketch comedy bits.

Avatar image for deadcool
Posted By Deadcool

Avenger Time, I love that one...

Avatar image for tenebyss
Posted By tenebyss

Pooh Grit is my favorite. I am not a huge fan of Avenger Time.

Avatar image for nightfang3
Posted By NightFang3

There most be alot of geeks working on that show, because almost every other sketch is comic book base.

Avatar image for the_impersonator
Posted By The Impersonator

I'm so mad in getting this MAD DVD set. =P

Avatar image for video_martian
Posted By Video_Martian

Mad TV was SOOOOOOOO much better...

Avatar image for jaredbright
Posted By jaredbright

I remember the first couple seasons of MAD TV. My favorites stuff was Artie Lange as My White Mama and the other crazy stuff they did like X-Newz which was just a big send up of Generation X and their supposed apathetic attitude.

I never read much Mad Magazine. I read it a few years ago and it had a page done by J. Scott Campbell. Wonder how that Spider-man project is coming along.


Avatar image for innervenom123
Posted By InnerVenom123

Not a fan. There are only some good skits, but mostly it's just bad.