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Review: Legion of Super-Heroes #4

Will Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl find their kids?

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Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad find out who kidnapped their children. Was it a Darkseid cult or Darkseid himself? Earth-Man tries to adjust to being a member of the Legion, and Sodam Yat refuses to let the Green Lantern Corps die!

The Good

Lots of great stories in this book! Out of the three mentioned above, the Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl story gets the most page time. Normally, a story about a couple finding their children would be compelling, but not entirely too exciting. With this book, they put the tag-team (and Lightning Lass, Lad's sister) up against a cult worshiping Darkseid. The battle is pretty epic against the cult's leader who starts taking on the characteristics of the main baddie himself. I'd pay the $3.99 alone just for that story. But wait! There's more! The Earth-Man adjusting to the Legion story is very good, but the weakest of the three. He's a great character who lives in a weird shade of grey, and although he may not agree with the Legion, he has his own convictions that he follow. My favorite story of the three, which was the shortest, was Sodam Yat, the last Green Lantern. Literally, it's two pages long, but in those two pages, we get a lot of Sodam and what he stands for. Hopefully, this sets up a great story arc down the road. This is becoming one of my favorite team books. I love Levitz's writing on this book, and the great art team. Personally, I think there's not too much to pick out that's bad.

The Bad

Non-Legion fans will probably be utterly lost and end up disliking this book. I started reading Legion during Final Crisis, and was sucked in, but at times, I too am completely confused with these pre-existing characters. This team isn't mainstream, there more of a cult classic team, much like Marvel's Alpha Flight. And when you have a team like that, there's going to be a lot of confusion with new readers. Legion does post the names and powers of characters in caption boxes, the first time you see them, but there isn't anything there about relationships or any past histories we may need to know going into the book, and there's just simply too much to put in there to make it work.

The Verdict 4/5

Although I love this book, it's hard to recommend because it can be very confusing to new readers. I couldn't even tell you where to start. Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds was helpful for me when I started reading Legion, and so was a few of the recent Adventure Comics comics, but with so much history with this team that's not really mainstream, you kind of just have to dive right in and never look back, but trust me, it'll be worth it.