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Review: Legion of Super-Heroes #1

For hardcore Legion fans, only.

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The Legion resists the forced induction of Earth-Man into their ranks while chaos fall on Titan after arrogant scientists view the beginning of time.

The Good

There's definitely a powerful sense of "holy dread" to the scene where the scientists pluck the forbidden fruit, so to speak, and view the creation of the universe. Cinar's rendering of DC's iconic "cosmic hand" conveyed an excellent off-kilter awe, as if this were truly something too powerful to be witnessed. His work throughout was also very polished, calling to mind the clean art of Paul Pelletier and Tom Grummett. Obviously, there many members on the Legion to fill the background and not once did it look like he was cheating on the detail. I also enjoyed seeing Sodam Yat, the ultimate Green Lantern, show up here and continue plot threads from Legion of 3 Worlds. Cinar's rendering of him weeping on Oa was bother powerful and poetic.

The Bad

This comics is made almost exclusively for long-term, die-hard LSH fans. I have a good understanding of DC's cosmology and I still was frequently confounded by the convoluted parade of legionaries and planets with only glib character ID captions to clue me in. I think the most telling evidence of this book's inaccessibility is that the afterward actually tells new readers to go look at message boards online for to get the full story on the Legion. More or less, they can't just get if from reading the book itself. The title's a bit dated in that respect, and that "dated-ness" really extends to the costumes. Cinar does as well as he can, but a lot of these outfits (like Dawnstar's and Phantom Girl's) looked imprisoned in the 70s.  A lot of this sticks out even more when previous, more steamlined updates of the Legion, like the Waid/ Kitson run, are brought to mind.

The Verdict - 2.5/5

Even though this is a #1 issue, it most certainly isn't a "jumping-on point." While DC's trying to make their line current and accessible with Brightest Day, this just feels bogged down in the past, like a back-issue grabbed from a quarter bin. Still, there are good threads (like the "forbidden viewing" and Yat's betrayal) and Arniv's art is pretty polished. Actually, if you are a longtime LSH fan, this will probably be a real treat.