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Review: Last Stand of New Krypton #2

Battle royale in the bottled city.

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Superman, all his Krypton friends and the Legion of Superheroes defend the bottled cities of Krypton from Brainiac in his numerous permutations.


Seeing as how this is one issue in the middle of a huge storyline, it’s surprisingly very easy to jump right into. That’s really a credit to Robinson and Gates’ experience as writers working within serialized storytelling, as well as Pete Woods’ clear storytelling.  This is a finely-tuned machine and their combined talents don't miss a beat. You’re right along for the rollercoaster ride of this galactic battle royale and it’s fun to see all these different elements of the Superman mythos from various time periods - - the Silver Age Krypton, the John Byrne Krypton, the modern Krypton - - coming together in one story. Special compliments must be made to Blond, who does an exceptional job with the colors, here. This is definitely “gold” coloring.  


Really, there’s nothing to complain about. This is a good Superman comic. Perhaps the only thing that stuck out is that Superboy didn't quite seem to fit in with the high-space opera with his simple t-shirt and jeans.


The level of talent on display here is on such a level, that even a “middle issue” like this is still an entertaining ride.   You don’t even need to read the previous parts of the storyline, nor the remaining parts, to enjoy this issue.