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Review: Knight & Squire #2

I wish I knew British slang better.

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The Knight and Squire's search for a local supervillain runs them afoul a gang of militant, oculist Morris men.

The Good

There's an undeniable charm to seeing these familiar superhero tropes recast in the quaint setting of suburban England, with so many of the seemingly Earth-threatening menaces this duo faces turning out to be tempests in teapots. Like a classic BBC comedy special, you can enjoy this even when you aren't always laughing out loud or even completely following what's going on.

The Bad

Even with the explanations in the appendix, I still found the plot of this to be especially hard to follow. I was following the initial idea about a supervillain showing up in town, but I'm not quite sure how it went from that to a bunch of bigots performing a ritual around stonehenge. I'm sure the explanation's probably buried under a lot of British slang and humor, and I really couldn't see it through that.

The Verdict - 2.5/5

Much like the first issue, I really feel like this would've been better served as a short featured in an 80 page giant.  It seems like a simple gag that was stretched out past its limits. I'll freely plead cultural ignorance, because much of the British humor and regional parlance was lost on me. Though, I suspect a lot of American readers will be similarly lost without a lexicon handy.