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Review: Knight & Squire #1

Wit, whimsy and capes.

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The Knight and Squire solve some arguments and disputes going down in Britain's #1 superhero pub.

The Good

Cornell keeps the vibe fun, light and charming with some truly clever creations for the British comics scene. It all reminded me of some of the whimsical pun-based characters who've come out of the better Astro City stories. My favorites were definitely the Milkman and the British Joker. Broxton's art also has an appealing robustness that reminded me of Mark Buckingham's. You could almost smell the smoky air in this colorful zoo of a pub he renders.

The Bad

Chalk it up to British humor. While I enjoyed this, I'll admit that it's got a very specific audience (especially seasoned superhero readers who'd be amused enough by an exploration of Britain's capes community set entirely in a pub) that you might likely not fall into. It's a fun little romp, but it's honestly a little confusing between the dense usage of British slang and pop culture as well as the obfuscating twist at the end.

The Verdict - 3/5

I've liked this modern interpretation of the Knight and Squire since their introduction in Morrison and McGuiness' Ultramarines story line - - so it's fun to see them get their own stories following their appearance in Batman & Robin. That being said, I wonder if this would've been better served as a feature in an 80 page giant, because I really can't picture how it's going to sustain an entire mini.