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Review: Kill Shakespeare #2

Look at me, I'm reading about Shakespeare again!

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William Shakespeare must die. Will the witches' prophecy that Hamlet will kill him come true?

The Good

I wasn't the biggest Shakespeare fan but, like most, had to read several of his works in high school. It's a clever concept that the characters here want to stop the tyranny of the wizard/god William Shakespeare. The art in this book really works. It captures the right amount of detail in the characters, bridging the stuffy world of Shakespeare (well, stuffy in my opinion) and making it fit in a comic book format.

The Bad

I feel like this has been an issue with me lately on different books, the colors here, while they look really nice, almost feel like too much. Yes this is a comic book but sometimes too much color makes it feel too much like a comic book, if that makes sense. When I think of Shakespearan work, I don't think of these bright and vibrant colors. The colors do compliment the art but it makes it feel less like it's tied to William Shakespeare's characters.

The Verdict - 4/5

Kill Shakespeare is a fun book. And that's coming from someone that wasn't too crazy about having to read Shakespeare in high school. I like that we have this new world that is familiar in some ways with the characters that I still have some recollection of. King Richard comes across as quite the interesting character and it's nice seeing Hamlet as the lead. I never thought I'd be into "Shakespeare" again. Just don't tell my high school English teacher.