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Review: Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #3

Someone's gonna die!

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This is the issue that's been teased. Someone is going to die. Who can it be? Well...if you look at all the covers you might get a clue.

The Good:

The recent relaunch of the Green Hornet comics has started getting me excited over the character once again. I read some of the comics in the 80s when the defunk NOW Comics was publishing them. With Kevin Smith's scripts, Phil Hester's breakdowns and Jonathan Lau's pencils, you get quite the package with this comic.
While I knew who would be dying, the build up and suspense in the first few issues still deliver. When the final "act" was done, I still let out a "damn!" to myself. What's nice about this is when we see Britt Reid Jr (before he eventually becomes the second Green Hornet), he's not a natural born fighter. We see his caution despite his temper. The action/fight scenes here are well drawn and choreographed. Even if you've never followed the Green Hornet before, this series allows you to discover all there is to know. You get to learn the history as the characters themselves do.

The Bad:

Dynamite should not have spoiled who dies. Perhaps it was obvious given the direction of this series but I would have liked not knowing for certain. In today's internet age, it's hard to keep things from getting spoiled.

The Verdict:

Once again, I'm surprised. If you haven't already, go out and pick up the first two issues along with this one. It's great getting in on the ground floor. While I was never the biggest Green Hornet fan, this comic really changes how I feel about the character. The writing, art and colors all just work wonderfully. All comics should be this fun and entertaining. A 5 out of 5.