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Review: Kane & Lynch #1

You gotta admire a comic that's this single-mindedly bad ass.

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Kane and Lynch chew through ammo, putting the hurt on assassins who belong to the 7 gang after they attempt to kidnap Kane's estranged daughter.

The Good

This gets big points from me for being one of the most unrelentingly badass comics I've read in I-don't-know-how-long. Disregard anything about the plot or the art or whatever... I enjoyed this purely on the virtue of this duo being the meanest SOBs imaginably who'll do a thorough hatchet job on whoever crosses them.  Edginton knows exactly what the audience is looking for and he delivers. He gets thing off to a terse, intense start and makes sure the action's never in short supply. I'd make a favorable comparison to Miller and Ennis' work here, in that once the figurative foot stomps on the gas, it never eases off, not even a bit.

The Bad

The visual differences between Kane and Lynch are less pronounced in the comic than they are on the cover and in the promo art for the game. I had trouble sometimes telling which ornery bearded, middle aged hitman was which, as they didn't exactly have a ton of ticks to differentiate their dialogue, either. 

The Verdict - 4/5

My exposure to Kane & Lynch outside of this is really just limited to playing the game's demo once. The realism was notable, but I recall the gameplay not having enough gimmicks to intrigue me into playing the rest of the game. That aside, I enjoyed this comic for it being refreshingly single minded about this duo's charming barbarism without ever "insulting my intelligence" or anything like that.  Read this and revel in the carnage.