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Review: Justice Society of America Special

What will be Magog's fate?

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Is it Magog's end? (I hope so) The Justice Society of America comes back together in order to stop Magog.

The Good

While I loved the character Gog during the Kingdom Come run of JSA, I found myself despising David Reid who later became someone I despised even more: Magog. From the looks of the solicit, it sounded like they're killing off this character, so I was intrigued. It was also drawn and written by Scott Kolins, a writer and artist I admire. I love Kolins' heavy line work on some of these characters. It's a style he's known for and the reason I started following him. Overall, I do think this is a great tie-up to the Kingdom Come storyline, and a great way to bring the JSA back together, without Magog screwing everything up.

The Bad

Here we go... I hate doing this because it is my favorite team, but man, this was not a fun read. It's a bunch of pages of Magog and his army fighting the JSA as he loses control over himself and become possessed with Gog. First, I got so excited at the prospect of Gog coming back, and only later did I realize that Gog isn't coming back. Towards the end of this story, again, I was getting extremely excited at the prospect of Magog dying a horrible HORRIBLE death only later to realize he's not going to die. The actual writing and dialogue in this issue is great, but the actual overall story I just can't get into.

The Verdict - 2.5/5

It's nice to see things tied-up, but at what cost? Magog still exists, Gog is still dead, and a new creative team is taking over JSA. Unless you're a die-hard JSA fan, you're going to want to pass this one up. If you're a die-hard JSA AND Scott Kolins fan like myself, pick it up since Scott's work is great on this issue. Otherwise, wait for the next run of JSA to come out and Praise be to Gog... but not Magog.