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Review: Justice Society of America #42

Tie-in with JLA!

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The JSA and JLA continue to team up and stop the corrupted Alan Scott.

The Good

I'm not the biggest jla/jsa crossover fan Sure, the Lightning Saga was pretty entertaining, but for the most part, I like having these two teams separated. With the crossover, both teams work together well. As weird as it is to see one of my favorite characters, Alan Scott, as the main baddie in the run, the story makes sense and doesn't feel forced. James Robinson does a nice job here of telling an entertaining story here between both teams, and even though it is a crossover, it still feels like a JSA book, which it should be. I'm really enjoying Mark Bagley's art on this run as well. It's straight to the point and tells the story. It has a classic, welcoming feel to it while still remaining contemporary.

The Bad

One thing I'm really not liking is the Obsidian/Jade hybrid character. Amalgam characters never really intrigue me, and they always feel like a gimmick. I also would enjoy this much more if it was its own four part mini-series and not part of either JSA or JLA. It bums me out a bit that this story interrupts the main JSA comic which really hasn't had time to find its own place since Johns left the series.

The Verdict 3.5/5

Although this book was quite entertaining and had a lot of great elements to it, I can't get over the fact that I'd much rather see this as it's own mini-series. As I stated before, JSA hasn't had time to establish itself again since Johns left the book and what it really needs is a creative team that's willing to stick with the book for a good 12 issues at least. If you're interested in this storyline, wait until it comes out in trade, since it may be hard to pick up the single issues now.