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Review: Justice Society of America #40

Obsidian gets a little awkward.

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Obsidian reflects upon the past few years of his membership with the JSA; how his perspective changed on account of previous "dark times" and how he's grown closer to his dad, the original Green Lantern.

The Good

The Flash's gag about nabbing the Nazis' noses, in addition to all their weapons, was a stand-out gag. It was like they got their asses kicked by grandpa! Also, despite the issues I had with the way he phrased things, I enjoyed this character study of Obsidian. How he's rebuilding his relationship with his father while coming to terms with his long-standing rage issues and previous bouts of possession. I'll also say that the opener teaser with Mr. Terrific shooting up from his death bed and shouting "Hatch the egg!" certainly grabbed my interested from the get-go. That's how you start a story.

The Bad

Obsidian's dialogue and narration didn't sit right with me that often. Particularly, the parts where he described the exact nature of his powers and his recollections (presumably) of the Crisis ran a little too self-aware and way too descriptive. A lot of jokes, like how he didn't really feel sorry about beating up the Nazi supervillains and how he'd been"purged of gayness," fell flat, too. I almost wondered if that was all intentional to make him seem unaccustomed to telling jokes. Anyway, I bring that up because his narration and dialogue drive this issue - - they're focus - - so my issues with them stood out a bit more. 

The Verdict - 3/5

I'm not sure where exactly this fits in with the current Starheart-related crossover with Justice League of America. How long before this week's issue of JLA is this one supposed to take place, for one? Placing these two in comparison, I have to say that this issues' unevenness stands out more considering how well JLA balanced things. Still, a good issue.