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Review: Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #2

Roy finally gets a cyber-arm

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  Issue two of The Rise of Arsenal roles around as J.T. Krul shows all the Arrow fans that we seriously don't need three archers running around the DCU. The cover may deceive you, as many covers do on a weekly basis, since this book is less about getting your fight on and more about Roy dealing with the loss of his arm and the recent arrest of his adoptive father Green Arrow.

The Good

J.T. Krul is the main reason I'm reading this book. His writing is stellar, and he takes an action orientated character and makes a easy to read, yet incredibly enjoyable dramatic comic. We're in a transitional time for this character, and it's important to understand how the character got to this point. Some may be turned off by the level of frustration Roy has to deal with during this mini-series, and especially during this issue, but I love it. It's only going to make him a stronger character in the future.

The Bad

The only thing bad I'd really have to say about this book is that the art bugged me a little here and there. Roy's face changed just enough a few times for it to be noticeable; however, Krul's writing is strong enough where it doesn't really matter.

The Verdict

I'm really enjoying this as well as the Green Arrow run under Krul. I can't wait to see how this plays out, and how Roy will fit back into the world. DC readers should get on top of this book, especially if you're looking for a new character to get into, even one with addiction problems.