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Review: Justice League of America #50

I love alternate realities!

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The Crime Syndicate's arrival heralds a new bout of multiversal conflict that includes the Tangent universe and a batch of alter-reality New Gods.

The Good

I'll hand it to Robinson. I was getting concerned that the CSA's plans here were going to contradict the point of the Earth 2 OGN and was, thus, quite relieved by the fact that they not only remembered the nullifying power of Earth 1, they've also taken what they learned to forge an even scarier plan. This issue also ends with one hell of a cliffhanger. You aren't going to predict who the "Omega Man" is, nor what the grave implications of his identity are.

The Bad

Even though this a double-sized issue, it still feels like too tantalizing a tease of  the multiversal action I was hoping for. We really only get to see the CSA show up, then some teases about the Tangent-verse and the shocker with what I presume are mirror visions of the New Gods. I don't know how long this arc is going to be, but I wish we'd gotten a bigger chunk of it here.

The Verdict - 4/5

I'm a sucker for alternate reality stories, so I could honestly just enjoy this on the basis of seeing the CSA and the Tangent universe return (and then also guessing which New Gods the characters at the end corresponded to.) While I enjoyed the last arc with the Starheart, I'm a lot more eager to find out how the JLA is going to handle this army of dopplegangers and decaying alternate worlds.