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Review: Justice League of America #48

At last,the Starheart is vanquished!

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Catharsis is reached in this JLA/JSA crossover as Jade manages to wrest Alan Scott, Obsidian and herself from the Starheart's control, thus satisfying her White Lantern labor. 

The Good   

It's fun to see how this book's been guiding some of the lingering ramifications of Brightest Day. I didn't quite understand what Jade's Eclipso-style joining with Obsidian entails, nor what the White Lantern's riddle means - - I'm probably not supposed to, yet - - but I could get behind the emotional drama of her sense of betrayal at Kyle's hands and the pain of her seperation from her brother. Bagley's art continues to show an almost superhuman level of quality, as he makes all 30 odd characters in the book look awesome (with proper time and attention spent on every single one.) All of that's in addition to him being able to put these pages out faster than anybody else in the business. 

The Bad   

I've never felt like that coloring has worked consistently with Bagley's art. It's definitely breath-taking on the splashes of Jade's White Lantern reveal and young Alan Scott's return, but often it seems overly shiny with texture patterns that don't fit in the line work. Also, I really haven't been feeling the back-up feature with Red Tornado. It just didn't seem that consequential, especially now that it's completed. 

The Verdict - 3.5/5  

I'm honestly a little glad that this Starheart storyline's finally wrapped up, because I've been enjoying the talents on this book, but I feel like they've been getting bogged down in an overly-busy continuity fixer. Now that all the t's have been crossed and all the i's have been dotted, so to speak, I'm eager to see what Robinson and Bagley have in store for us on this title.