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Review: Justice League of America #46

Too much of a good thing, perhaps?

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The Justice League spreads out across the world to handle elementals who have gone rogue after the reappearance of the Starheart and Jade tries to figure out what her resurrection has to do with all of this.

The Good

The whole concept of the Starheart making elementals everywhere just randomly start to lose it is a very interesting premise for this story arc. I'm intrigued to see where it goes. While I found the number of personal narratives got a little excessive and a little confusing in this issue, I still liked the range of personalities Robinson conveyed throughout all the dialogue. And Bagley's art never ceases to excite me. I'm always astounded by how he's consistently able to make every page, and every panel, look so dynamic. That's especially the case for the last scene on the moon with the construct kingdom and the swarm of green ghosts flying around. That scene's mostly wordless and it was still an excellent cliffhanger! I also got special amusement out of seeing Klarion and Teekl showing up!

The Bad

I really wasn't feeling the back-up feature starring Cyborg and Red Tornado. It was a bit dull and wordy. It honestly felt almost like a fan fiction prose short focusing on two characters' relationship that wasn't exciting enough to include the main feature. Also, there were a number of spots where the coloring didn't really fit with Bagley's art - - either the colors made characters' costume look too shiny or patterns and textures didn't integrate with his lines. That was especially noticeable during the fight with the first water elemental.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

While this continues to be a classic team book done right, I couldn't help thinking that this wasn't as good as the previous issue. While I like the idea of giving each member of the team their own personal narrative, I think that my diminished enthusiasm in this issue stems from all the captions cluttering eachother. Despite all of that, Bagley's art continues to be simply amazing to follow.