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Review: Justice League of America #44

The second Brightest Day tie-in. Is it worth it?


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The second Brightest Day tie-in is upon us as JLA 44 hits the shelves. Besides that, it also could be considered a tie-in to Justice Society of America. But are these newest Brightest Day tie-ins worthwhile? Or like many tie-ins to big stories, are they completely worthless?

The Good

JLA can be a hit or a miss for me depending on who is on the team. The new team may not be so exciting for me, but the cameos really drew me in. I'm a huge JSA fan, and the JSA guest starring roles, and the villain they fight really drew me in. I feel like I could easily read anything James Robinson writes and have fun doing so in the process. He does a great job describing the newer characters and how their powers work without the conversations distracting the reader from the main storyline. I was surprised that I really liked the Congo Bill character. Same goes for Starman (The non-legion one). The JSA crossed over into this book and it felt natural, and the tie-in to Brightest Day did not feel forced, like what happens with many other cross-over books. Mark Bagley had quite a few splash pages in this issue, and I loved them all. This issue officially made me a fan of his work.

The Bad

I hate to say it, but I didn't see too much bad within this book.   I didn’t like how Jay Garrick looked on the regular cover of the book, but that’s about it.

The Verdict

I haven't read JLA since about issue 20, but this story made me want more. Almost everything worked for me in this book. No, it didn’t get a perfect score, mainly because I didn’t like the cover. But if you’re a DC fan, this is a must buy especially if you’re excited about Brightest Day. This is a tie-in that you’ll want to read because it doesn’t really feel like a tie-in. Hopefully, the rest of this story feels that way also.