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Review: Jonah Hex #55

Featuring Billy Dynamite!

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 Jonah Hex marches forward, with a feature length film on the way. This latest issue is much like a few other recent books, it's more of a one-shot than anything. These past few issues have been real strong, and incredibly enjoyable. This newest issue follows the short life of Billy Dynamite, and he's exactly what you think: A kid with some dynamite. 

The Good

This is the best western book currently on the market. It's also one of DC's better books overall. Gray and Palmiotti have a great run on this book.  The best part about this is every story, in its own right, is a one-shot. Occasionally, there is a story arc, but I like these one-issue stories better. The character Billy Dynamite, although he'll only be in this issue, was pretty awesome. I love revenge stories and this one is doubly full of some fantastic Western-style revenge. The art is great in this issue, and it makes the old west come alive. If you've ever wanted to read a western and don't know where to start, try here.

The Bad

Is it too cliche yet to say my least favorite thing about this issue was that it ended? Next to issue 50, this is my favorite issue of the series. Heck, I may like this one better than issue 50.

The Verdict -   5/5

This book has become one of my favorites to read. Usually, it gets a 4 out of 5 with no problem, but I really loved this story. It had everything I wanted in a western: gun fights, outlaws, dynamite, and lots of western hat action too. If you've ever been interested in a western style book, or Jonah Hex, do yourself a favor and pick this issue up.