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Review: Joker's Asylum II The Mad Hatter

Will he find his Alice?

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The Mad Hatter tries to find his Alice as we get a deeper look into his psyche... and lots of tea drinking.

The Good

I love the look into Mad Hatter's brain, so we can get a bit more of an understanding of what makes him tick, but I feel like it's been done before. As for the art, I loved the more detailed, almost Vertigo-esque quality of art, at times. With many aspects of this issue, the good mixed in with the bad. Artwise, I loved how Giffen & Sienkiewicz drew the Joker. It was simple and wonderful.

The Bad

Back to the art, there were some panels, like a two panel close-up of him drinking tea, that I felt were completely unnecessary, and hard to look at. I couldn't tell if the writing was supposed to be funny, ironic, or suspenseful. It was all over the place... At the same time, that really did make this book work. I was no fan of how the artists drew the Mad Hatter, mainly the buck-teeth. I wish someone would revamp this character. The personality is there, but the look is not. He looks like a goon.

The Verdict: 2.5/5

For me, even though this is one of Batman's rogues that I truly enjoy, this issue fell flat. I do really like the look into the mind of the Mad Hatter, but it wasn't enough. I'd say pass on this no matter how much you love the Asylum series or the Mad Hatter. It's not a bad comic by any means, but it isn't very good either.