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Review: Joker's Asylum II- Harley Quinn one shot

Harley Quinn chases after The Joker...again.

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Harley Quinn chases after The Joker...again.   

The Good

This is a short, self contained story that is well organized and reads quickly with a lot of fluidity. If you like Harley and The Joker's relationship, then no doubt you will find this story entertaining. The artist managed to capture the emotions of the characters through their expressions pretty well, but I can't say that this was the most stunning artistic interpretation of Harley Quinn that I have ever seen. The story begins and ends with the jokers narrative, which explains why it is published under the subtitle "Jokers Asylum." Good for a new reader since it is a self contained story, but not thrilling.

The Bad

The artwork isn't spectacular and the issue is not essential to your understanding of any Batman stories. However, to enjoy this comic, you have to really like and appreciate Harley Quinn and her unhealthy, obsessive and compulsive relationship with Joker. It you aren't Into needy female characters, chances are you won't enjoy this issue. I'll be honest, I found it boring and I am sure there might be fan fiction better than what I read in this comic. Nothing really happens in this issue. Harley is uninteresting, her jokes are not really funny, and her needy, compulsive personality is nothing short of obnoxious. This story reads like just about every other Joker/Harley story I have ever read.

The Verdict- 2.5/5

Pick this up if you want to read about Harley chasing after her "Puddin." if you don't love her character and her obsession with The Joker, this comic is not for you.