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Review: Joe The Barbarian #4

Journey into the mind of Joe.

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  Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy's Vertigo run continues as a boy get trapped in his own imagination, and ends up in a kingdom where some want to kill him and others want to help him. Although it's only 4 issues in, does this book have the steam to go all the way? Or will it fizzle out into the world of mediocrity?

The Good

The character design in this book is phenomenal, especially when it comes to costumes/clothing. I am such a big fan of Joe's outfit, and I can never really remember a time where I loved a character's outfit more than what else is going on in the book. Same goes for Chakk's outfit. I feel this is the strongest element of the book: costume design. Sean Murphy's art in this book is fantastic. It flows very well from panel-to-panel, and is just fun to look at.  

The Bad

I have so many unanswered questions at this time: Is this world real or only happening in his imagination? Is he completely oblivious to the real world? Does he have schizophrenia? I'm not only confused by that, but I'm confused by everything that's going on in the book. Grant Morrison dropped us into a world with a lot of backstory, and I feel I have to reread all the previous issues to get a small grasp on what's going on in this issue. The book is losing steam fast, and there better be something amazing happening in the next issue or two because I'm flat-out getting bored with the book.

The Verdict

This book has everything going for it: Great creative team, potentially great story, etc, but after issue one and two, I feel as though it's another one of those books I'm just not excited to read anymore. I can't recommend you go out and buy this book, but I'd definitely say borrow it from a friend. Something needs to be done quick because I'm losing interest in this book.