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Review: Iron Man: Titanium

Suave and tech, on tap.

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Four miscellaneous tales of Iron Man are presented here as shellhead takes on A.I.M., Ultmo's big brother and even old classmate.

The Good

My favorite short was definitely the one where Tony runs afoul a cute A.I.M. agent and her Russian doll-style rebuild of the Titanium Man. The density of cleverness and invention Warren wrote into every panel reminded me of some of my favorite European comics. It was mesmerizing. The shorts spotlighting Pepper Potts and Tony's old classmate both found exciting angles on realistic embellishments on aspects of Iron Man's business - - specifically the fates of his former employees and colleagues.

The Bad

I get that tech talk and witty barbs are a big part of Iron Man's character but, even so, in-action dialogue ran a little too chatty in the short featuring Ultimo. I realize that that's probably a consequence of space restrictions, as well, but, even then, I was almost expecting Tony to gasp for breath or lose his train thought in the middle of this very tense battle.

The Verdict - 4/5

I'm actually a bit surprised that this wasn't given a #900 because it's an anthology quite similar in spirit to the specials that have come out recently for Wolverine and Deadpool. Once again, the level of quality was surprisingly consistent throughout and there really wasn't any of the sort-of "double-dipping" these anthologies run risk of.