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Review: Iron Man Rapture #1

Wow... this was surprisingly good.

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After a coronary attack, Tony Stark tries to treat himself and his efforts quickly spiral into a horrifying direction. 

The Good

Irvine's script is amazingly tight. Like there isn't a single wasted word or one moment without well-planned significant. I'm normally not a fan of un-inked pencils, but Medina's work was absolutely lush, filling this issue with photo-real characters without the hindrance that heavily-referenced figures typically have.

The Bad

While I ultimately ended up enjoying the different direction this took, I really think this should've been properly marked as being set in some alternate reality. At first, I thought it was supposed to be in the movie's universe (judging by the look and relationships) but it takes some drastic turns that firmly place it away from any previously-established world. It was honestly a bit confusing.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Years ago, What If...? got a radical revamp  where the title became less about specific points of divergence as it was about more reality-grounded horror takes on familiar. Marvel by way of the Outer Limits, you could call it. This greatly reminded me of that and I HIGHLY recommend you pick it up. Like the best issues of Matt Fraction's run, this transcends the conventions of an Iron Man story to tell a powerful and genuinely moving story about a group of friends terribly afraid that a loved one is sinking into depression in a colorful, highly-dangerous manner.