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Review: Invincible Returns

A lot of talk over a costume.

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Invincible regains his original costume as he prepares for the Viltrumite War.
Ryan Ottley is an amazing artist with some real energy and character to his work. His double splash of Invincible soaring through the sky practically leaps off the page and punches you in the face. It's a shame he didn't get to bust open that much here.
If this one-shot is supposed to be a jumping-on point for new readers, then it hasn't accomplished that goal at all. Considering that the book is overstuffed with very obvious, on-the-nose expository dialogue where Invincible tells his girlfriend and the readers exactly how he's feeling, there's actually no clue for new readers as to who he is. For a book presented as being fun old fashioned superheroics, this was a painfully talky book packed with dull conversations and chatting heads.
I didn't read Invincible before this and I don't plan to if this is what the title is usually like. This was an oversized issue, but it seemed to have only about 10 pages of story spread out over a whole lot of fattened dialogues.