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Review: Invincible #72

The Viltrumite War is here. Can Invincible survive?

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The Viltrumite War is in full swing as Conquest and Invincible go at it again.

The Good

Since the first time I picked up this book, I loved it, and even though I'm 12 issues behind, I still loved this issue too. I started reading this book because I've always been a fan of Robert Kirkman's writing, and it quickly became one of my favorites because of Ryan Ottley's pencils. I love how these two guys work together, and within this issue, there are some amazing battle scenes and splash pages. That's one of my personal favorite things about this team, they do battle scenes incredibly well together, and they do not pull punches. It's violent, gory, and unforgiving, but not to a point where it's over-doing it.

The Bad

I've been reading this book in Ultimate Collection only, so I'm about a year behind. A lot happens in a whole year, a whole lot of stuff that makes me pretty lost. The final pages of this issue is a pretty big shocker. Enough to upset me, so this may be in the good section also because it got a pretty big emotional response from me, but I wasn't a fan of what happened, even though I have a good feeling everything will go back to normal soon enough.

The Verdict- 4/5

This is one great book. I'd even say, although I hate to say it, you should buy this just for the art. The fights contained in here are nothing short of amazing. Yes, the writing is exceptionally great here too. Invincible is the super-hero book for those who want something a little different. It's comedic, dramatic, and action packed without any of those elements trampling over each other and this issue is a great example of that.