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Review: Incredible Hulks #615

A new world of gods and monsters.

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As the Hulks draw closer to Hiro-Kala, they start to have some serious disagreements about how to conduct this war.  

The Good

Much as I do with the interplay between Hulk and Banner, I really enjoyed the conflicting bouts of rage and reason that the Hulks experience as they proceed in this mission. It's a lot more interesting to see the two sides of the jade giants' psyche be almost like partners sharing a vehicle.  Also, though I missed out on the storyline the first time around, the back-up about Red She-Hulk provided an excellent counterpoint to underlace her relationship with Hulk in the current timeline.

The Bad

Even under Barry Kitson's more-than-capable hands, the "skull monsters" in Hiro-Kala's army still look unintentionally goofy. They honestly make me think of toys from some misbegotten line in the 80s that I've come across in a yard sale.  I'm a little anxious about the prospect of there being a big fight featuring them next issue.

The Verdict - 4/5

I couldn't help but think of that classic line from Bride of Frankenstein while reading this. You know, that toast to the "new world of gods and monsters." I've always thought that Hulk was one of the hardest characters to make interesting, especially after the great psychological stuff that Peter David did, but this is truly something new, exciting and nigh-mythical.