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Review: Incredible Hulk #611

Pelletier is one Hulk of an artist.

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Four years of storylines have built up to this moment, the final knock-down-drag-out battle between Hulk and Skaar - - a fight which's outcome will decide the fate of World War Hulks

The Good   

Wow... just when did Paul Pelletier go off and get his own gamma injection?! I've been a fan of the guy's work for years, but his art's become like... like a Hulk-sized version of itself. I was speechless over panel. This is powerhouse stuff. Miki and D'Armata deserve credit too for making this one of those rare "sense-shattering conclusions" that truly feels like the team pulled out all the stops. All that would, of course, be meaningless without Pak's script, which makes this an Apocalypse of both action and emotion. I love how you're not really sure who to root for in this brawl between Hulk and Skaar - - this really felt like a war of gods. In my opinion, a much better capturing of operatic Greek tragedy than what Ang Lee tried to pull off with his Hulk movie. The level of pathos involved in Hulk's lingering identity issues relating to his father and son made for some truly powerful drama.

The Bad   

I know that the back-up feature's there to set up the next storyline with Hiro-Kala, but the thing's kind of let-down after the feature. The fact that War-Mind soldiers had really silly designs - - they looked like awkward toys for an 80s toon - - didn't help.

The Verdict - 4.5/5  

Considering that the Jade Giant is a notoriously-hard character to do anything new or interesting with, I feel like Pak and Pelletier should get an award for making a Hulk issue as awesome as this was. The last comic I can remember having this level of spectacle was Bryan Hitch's run on Ultimates. This is probably going to be collected soon, so you'd do well to pick up the World War Hulks trade and subscribe to this book now, since a new storyline's starting next issue.