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Review: Incredible Hulk #609

Who is Green Hulk? Wait... We already know that.

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World War Hulks is in high gear as Bruce Banner, and Skaar take on all the Hulked Out Heroes in this action-packed issue of Incredible Hulk.

The Good

The two things I loved most about this issue were Paul Pelletier's pencils and Frank D'Armata's colors. I usually don't get too excited about colors, but I loved how they popped off the page in this issue, and it wasn't annoying by any means. Pelletier's pencils are pretty standard, but his standard work is better than a lot of the other artists I come across. I hate when backgrounds disappear, and Pelletier usually keeps said backgrounds in the frame. He rarely does a flat color background within this issue. There's a pretty big shocker/reveal at the end of this book revealing who Red She-Hulk is, which is pretty obvious if you read Hulk #22. It's not cheesy by any means, but it's a good end to the issue.

The Bad

As I mentioned in the review for Hulk #22, I do not like this storyline. Greg Pak's writing is very solid here, as always, but this story is not doing it for me, and again, it's because I am not a fan of all the heroes having "hulk-like" powers. Also, I get it, Hulk gets his power from being mad/angry, but does that have to be mentioned or referenced in every comic? Also, Hulked-out Thor sucks. There, I said it. He's strong enough on his own. All they've done is made him dumb and covered in electrical-tribal.

The Verdict - 4/5

If you can only choose one of the two Hulk books to read, especially in this storyline, this is the one to read. Both books have great creative teams, but the writing and art are a little bit stronger here. In fact, even before this storyline, and I'm sure afterwords, this will be the book you want to stick with.