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Review: Incorruptible #5

Will we find out the origin of Jailbait?

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I've mentioned before how I've been digging both Irredeemable and Incorruptible. One is about a hero gone bad and the other is the flip side, a bad guy gone good. The concepts sound almost too easy but Mark Waid executes them brilliantly. After the events of last issue, Jailbait has left Max's side and the search for her begins.

The Good:

Each issue I find myself surprised at how much I enjoy this series. That's not meant as a knock against Mark Waid. He knows what he's doing. What surprises me is how well he writes the story of Max. After the Plutonian started his rampage against the world, you don't know what will happen next. Max Damage was a pretty scummy guy but (as we saw in the last issue) he is trying to change things. We also see that he does care about Jailbait in this issue. 

The Bad:

It's always a bummer when there's a change of artist. Jean Diaz has been drawing since the first issue. It's understandable that an artist may need a month off to recharge or catch up. Horacio Domingues' art is good but you can clearly see a difference in style. It's a minor gripe and pretty much the only one I can make about the issue.

The Verdict:

I have to admit that I was a little confused in the beginning. I thought there was a typo in terms of the "time" the events were happening. I thought what was happening "now" was really a flashback. After I realized what the deal was, it made me like the story that much more. I just really dig this series and how we're slowly discovering more about the characters as we move along. You don't have to worry about decades of continuity. You can go in not knowing who all the characters are because you'll soon find out what you need to know about them. I strongly recommend picking up this series (and/or the trade of the first four issues).