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Review: I, Zombie #3

Zombies, vampires, ghosts and werewolves have never been so much fun.

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Man oh man do I dig that Mike Allred art (with amazing colors by Laura Allred). But it can't be just about the art. Let's factor in the story as well.

The Good

I could write this entire review just on the art and colors. I simply love that it's so different from everything else. Each character has their own look and feel. The colors combined with the shadows sets the tone for the story. The title may have "Zombie" in it but there are other "creatures" in this world. We see Horatio and Diogenes continue their hunt for "bloodsuckers." We still don't know a lot about them and it's nice seeing them slowly develop. 
We also get some more on that bad guy first seen in the I, Zombie Halloween preview.  

The Bad

We're still getting introduced to this world where the monsters hide in plain site. My problem is, when you have people like Horatio and Diogenes aware of vampires, you would think if someone else saw a girl with sharp pointy fangs, they'd get the idea. But I suppose there is some seduction involved. Then there's Spot, the werewolf. Even wearing a hoodie, someone might notice how hairy he was. But there is a mention that he should be careful going out during a full moon. I'm not complaining about the art (no way!). It just makes the "world" feel a little less...real. This is the only thing I can find to complain about. 

The Verdict - 5/5

It's hard to tell if I'm simply being biased because I love the Allreds' work so much. So we're clear, I love the art and colors. I do have to say that I am intrigued with the story and Gwen's character. It's a great feeling being at a series at the beginning. We basically have this new comic world that we get to see for the first time. We get to discover the secrets of the characters and their surroundings with each issue. The idea that these different "creatures" exist in a seemingly normal world is cool. It's a good balance between the real and supernatural. We have the two guys trying to catch a nest of vampires, we have Gwen and Ellie trying to find out what's going on at that evil guy's house and we have Gwen dealing with the memory flashes of the last person's brains she had to eat. I just have a fun time while reading this comic. I love this little world that we're seeing and I easily get pulled in with each issue. For me, it's rates at the top for fun factor. Obviously the art pulls up my rating but I am definitely interested to see where this story is going to go.
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