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Review: I Am An Avenger #1

Housekeeping can be fun.

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A variety of shorts starring members and associates of the Avengers, including the Young Avengers, Iron Fist & Misty Knight, the Pet Avengers and Squirrel Girl. 

The Good   

For a story that could have easily been a heavy-handed navel gazer, the short about Iron Fist and Misty Knight unpacking in their apartment and reminiscing about their sad baby scare was actually pretty well done. You get some good drama, but things are smartly kept understated. The Young Avengers story also got some good fun and Whedon-esque banter while still getting the proper continuity house cleaning done. I'm not sure if it's going to be a good idea to have two Hawkeyes running around at the same time, but the reasoning given was definitely in-character.  

The Bad    

I don't get what the point of the Squirrel Girl short was except to show that the character's back in New York. It sets itself up to be a gag short, but there wasn't really a punchline. It also have the same kind of puzzling non-event quality that the Young Lords short in that Heroic Age special had. It's just there to show one group of characters reacting to a flyby by a more notable hero. That's really it?

The Verdict - 3.5/5  

Between this and the various Heroic Age anthologies, I figure Marvel's opted to do branch-specific anthology minis as opposed to Marvel Presents or, in this case, an Avengers Unlimited-type book. These aren't too important in the scope of things, but they're handy opportunities to check-in on characters like the Young Avengers and see small moments that might've gotten lost in the shuffle of big events (as was the case with the Iron Fist/Misty Knight story.)