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Review: Hulked Out Heroes #1

Should be called "Hulked Out Deadpool"

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  I've been thinking a lot about Hulk recently. So I decided to check this newest kinda-Hulk book out. A spin-off of the World War Hulks books, a few Marvel heroes find themselves pumped up with gamma radiation, all "Hulked out." This book is less about being "Hulked out" and much more about Deadpool being wacky. So, again, another Deadpool book. Don't we have enough already?

I'm sick of Deadpool. He's everywhere. How dare they call a Deadpool book a Hulk book. Why is this in the good section? Because it's written by Jeff Parker! Jeff Parker's writing is a lot of funny. Some people may find it laugh-out-loud funny, others may not, but he does know how to write a book that is enjoyable to read, even if you're annoyed with the main character in the book. The story makes little-to-no sense, in a way that only Jeff Parker could pull off. Ramos' art fits Parker's writing so well. It's wacky and sometimes over-the-top, just like the book. It’s standard Deadpool action, with great writing and great art. Plus, DEVIL DINOSAUR! There’s a character that doesn’t get enough credit!

Ugh…Deadpool. I miss the days when he was a supporting character at best. This is one of those “everything a Deadpool fan could want” books, and while although the actual writing is entertaining, this book is pretty forgettable.

Another Deadpool book and another average score. He has quickly become the Wolverine of the 2010s, and unless you’re   a huge Deadpool fan, you probably won’t like this book. If Deadpool didn’t have so many on-going and mini-series currently, I’d like it a lot more, but Deadpool has over-saturated the Marvel market and I just want him to go away.