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Review: Hulk #27

The Rulk's getting his comeuppance.

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The Red Hulk's conscripted service brings him down to Atlantis to help stop a world-threatening problem - - and, down there, he earns the ire of the Sub-Mariner.

The Good

I love books about villains or reforming villains, so you can imagine how fun it is to see Thunderbolt Ross having to atone for his crimes in such a grand fashion. Parker's got a knack for these kind of stories, as he demonstrated in Thunderbolts just this week. He also fits this well in the geography of the Marvel universe,  keeping every interaction "Rulk" has sensible in the scope of continuity.

The Bad

Maybe I'm dense, but I had the hardest time following what the specifics of the catastrophe underwater were. I kind of understood that they needed to plug up some sub-aquatic volcanoes, but still wasn't totally clear on it, even after a few read-overs. I also had a hard time following the back-up feature with A-Bomb, although that might be a consequence of dropping in the middle.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

I really only caught the Red Hulk storyline as its tail end with the blow-outs in the World War Hulks books, so I don't know how long this title has basically been a solo title for the crimson colossus. Even if it isn't new, I still think it's an awesome idea to follow the "Rulk" as he's forced to do the Avenger's suicde mission/dirty work. It's like the Thunderbolts-in-one - - or even a "Thunderbolt" title.