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Review: House of Mystery #24

Gothic courtroom hijinks abound.

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The regulars of the House of Mystery knock heads for a seriously-twisted trial involving the DCU's favorite homicidal brothers, Cain and Abel.
This issue was just a lot of fun, with enough supernatural black humor to give Charles Addams' a chuckle. I haven't read this title up until this issue and, considering that this is the conclusion of a storyline, I didn't quite grasp everything that was going on - - but I still had a good time. The twist of Abel taking the fall for the convicted -- given how his nature's such that even execution isn't a big deal -- was a great twist. The back-up story with the two vampire's "wild love" was a hoot, too. A sometimes-gruesome hoot, but still a hoot.
I'm usually not a fan of Vertigo's traditional house coloring style with the muted color palette. It actually works well enough here, but I couldn't help wondering if this book might have been more fun if there were more exuberant color choices. 
Perhaps this wasn't as satisfying as it would have been if I were reading it after following the whole arc. It's hard to judge based on only its very, very end, but this was still very enjoyable. And the back-up story is almost worth the cover price alone.