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Review: Hit Monkey #1

Maybe I'm not getting the joke.

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The infamous Hit Monkey is recruited by a ghost who has unfinished business with some warlords and spies who've wronged him. And he's looking to use this monkey to finish that business.

The Good

There is something intrinsically provocative to the concept of this growling monkey getting led around and instructed to do terrible things by an angelic ghost. Way also keeps a great deal of suspense in his plotting so you feel like you're along for the ride of this unpredictable experience. Particularly, the soldier's confession about the death squad killing their target, while the target, paradoxically, continued to live, raised enough question marks to get me hooked. Also, when the art's on, the Hit Monkey actually has a scary amount of realism.

The Bad

Maybe I'm not getting the joke, but I want there to be more to this story than one what's apparent right now. Maybe that's going to be answered in the remaining two issues, but as is, this doesn't seem to go beyond, "He's a monkey with guns! Tee hee..." Also, the art was very inconsistent, with the line work in the beginning looking flat in parts. Even the anatomy looked awkward at times, and I don't think the coloring ever quite integrated well with the inks.  It was almost like you were looking at the pattern fills through clear frames sometimes.

The Verdict - 3/5

There are a lot of ways these series can go. It has the potential to be an edgy bit of surrealism; but it could just easily be a one-note joke that doesn't go beyond what you see in the cover. I'm definitely curious to see what Bullseye's appearance here will mean for the Hit Monkey, although I do find it amusing that he's also showing up in the Shadowland preview in the back. The psycho's keeping busy.