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Review: Heralds #1

Give this a second look.

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An unofficial team of the "women of Marvel" band together to stop dinosaurs and an army of cloned scientists rampaging in Vegas.

The Good

I haven't read any comics by Zonjic or this Immonen before, but they make a good team, putting together a really enjoyable book. I'd pick this up character interactions alone, because the dialogue and body language makes those scenes so appealing. You really can buy that Cyclops is trying his best to make Emma's birthday special by giving her a good time with her girlfriends in Vegas. Having gone to a friend's "mustache party" recently, I had to chuckle about the party favors they all don at the hotel. It's been a long time since I've seen Nova's shown up and I don't know what her status is in current continuity but, given the title I'm going to assume that waitress named "Frances" is supposed to be Frankie Raye, the former herald of Galactus. I don't know where her side story is going, but I'm definitely intrigued now given her mysterious freak-out after the "mindquake."

The Bad

There seemed to be a page or a scene missing that actually explained where the sea of clone scientists came from and why they were there. I was able to pick up what was generally going on soon enough, but there was still some confusion. Also, I know that Cyclops is probably going to show different sides of himself to different people, but it still felt a little off for a character predominately defined as stiff and rigid to act like such a fun, loose guy here.

The Verdict - 4/5

This might be going under a lot of people's notice, so I'd encourage a lot of you to give this a second look and try it out. There isn't that clear of a throughline regarding what the book is about or where it's going, but it really is one of the better titles I've read this week.