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Review: Green Lantern: The Animated Series Ep. 1 & 2 "Beware My Power"

Green Lantern is making his way to Cartoon Network this week with an hour-long special event.

The time has finally arrived for us to see the premiere of Green Lantern: The Animated Series. If you saw the trailer or any images, you know this show will not feature traditional animation but instead, 'stylized CG animation.' Thanks to Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network, I got the chance to check out the double first episode.

The immediate response might be a slight cringe at the idea of a CG Green Lantern show. Check out this clip from the opening sequence to get a taste of what you can expect.

When I first heard it was going to be CG, I had my doubts. But even if it had the best animation or truly captured the style of Batman: TAS or Justice League Unlimited, what would set this series apart from those (besides featuring Green Lantern)?

The show does look pretty slick. The animation and colors are bright and smooth and just plain look good. Some of the character models feel off a tad. Hal Jordan (or the lead in a superhero show) should be pretty buff and all but he would have to have an insane workout regimen to look like this.

== TEASER ==
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You can also see Kilowog's appearance here. He's a tough character to draw in any format. While he appears to be the same height as Hal in the image above, he is a little taller. Perhaps not as tall as he should but there is a difference.

The show sets the tone right away. It's surprising that the very first scene from the very first episode begins with the Red Lanterns. They are a new threat the the Green Lantern Corps and they aren't holding back. The oozing red coming from them does use a cool effect that is different than if was simply traditional animation.

In this second clip, you can hear what Hal and Kilowog (as well as the Guardians) sound like.

Hal's voice took me a bit to warm up to. He's voiced by Josh Keaton (voice of Spider-Man in The Spectacular Spider-Man series). Keaton is a great voice actor (he's done several other series and video games) but it's not quite what I'd expect for Hal. The same could be said about the animation. You do get used to it. I also enjoy the Star Wars: Clone Wars series which also has CG animation but the animation here is a little smoother/less stiff. Again, it's something different from all the recent superhero shows we've been getting.

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Kilowog's voice is great. He's voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson (Young Justice, ThunderCats). What would you expect Carol Ferris to look like? She does have a slightly DC: THE NEW FRONTIER look to her rather than the show trying to emulate Blake Lively's appearance from the movie.

The show has its dark moments and can get a little heavy for younger viewers but it does capture the Green Lantern feel you would want in this show. There are some lighter moments as Hal does have his cocky, slightly joking attitude and there is even the question raised about why he needs a mask.

The show premieres Friday, November 11 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network. This is the first time Bruce Timm series to be produced in CG as well as the first time Green Lantern has been rendered in CG. Timm and Sam Register (Teen Titans, Ben 10, Batman: The Brave and the Bold) are the executive producers of the show so you know there's a lot of strength and experience behind this. The show will debut next year (in 2012) as part of the new DC Nation programming block.

It's a fun show making a bold step with the CG animation. It feels a little weird at first but you do get sucked into the action. It'll be interesting to see how the tone of the rest of the series is when the show debuts in its normal slot. Also, with the appearance of the Red Lanterns, how long until we see other Lantern Corps and even appearances from other heroes?

Check out the show this Friday. It's a good first episode and definitely worth checking out.

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Avatar image for acomicbooklook
Edited By acomicbooklook

I thought it could have been better, but I will continue to watch it.

Avatar image for rudeandnotginger
Posted By RudeandNotGinger

I was very pleased with the story and heart of the show. I'm gonna need some time to get used to Hal since I became aware of the GLs watching Justice League, but so far I'm loving it.

Avatar image for talina
Posted By talina

I don't like the CG animation very much, but I'm gonna give it a chance. I think the first episode wasn't so bad. The story was good, more than I expected. And I hope we're gonna see other Lanterns, like Kyle Rayner or Guy Gardner.

Avatar image for gravesp
Posted By GraveSp

I kinda hope they will have the other Lanterns on the show. I would like to see Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner.

Avatar image for knightlytales
Posted By KnightlyTales

Saw the first episode. Okay, you can argue about animation vs CGI all day. Let's not forget that this WAS a Green Lantern epsiode, not Batman, not Superman or some idiotic version of Teen Titans. At least they are trying and the storyline wasn't half bad. Nice to see Ganthet still going around the Guardians to get things done. My only complain is the actual figure work. Just like Batman and SUperman, we have individuals draw with a chest five times too large. What is it here? Are they housing a few hundred chest bursting alien larva? I mean, I don't mind the extensive muscling but really, do we have to have normal humans look like their chest is going to explode? I would add that this type of artwork seems to apply only to male chracters. Wonder why? Guess the artists don't want to expand the DCU in that way. LOL

Avatar image for lorex
Edited By lorex

I watched the first 2 episodes and to tell the truth I was very unimpressed. The animation was OK but if they are going to use 3D animation I was expecting more. Honestly I think they could have done a better job with traditional animation. The voice active was good now only if the animation and story could be improved I might watch more.

Avatar image for kuma_far
Posted By kuma_far

And Timm knocks it out the park once again! I loved this series, when I saw the trailer I didnt had any faith in it, but is really good, the character designs are awesome, I really liked the design for Razor the Angsty Red Lantern, and I liked AYA, is a good concept, " The Fastest Ship made by sentient life" is a really good title and it fits with Hal

Avatar image for backlash88
Posted By Backlash88


Just caught it last night. CGI wise, seems that Hal is in the mold of the Incredibles, which personally I'm not a huge fan of. Everyone one else seems ok from CGI design. That's really my only con. Not a major follower of the GL comics, only remember GL (Hal Jordan) from his appearances through old cartoons, so not very familiar with his personality. From what I gather, Hal is a bit cocky, since is a test pilot in his other life.

What I like is the use of the Red Lanterns as the villains. Something different than the usual Sinestro Corps. Won't spoil it for others, but I doubt how the show has been setup that we will be seeing any of the other "Earth" GLs make an appearance.

Avatar image for thanosrules
Posted By thanosrules

It was awesome. I really enjoyed it.

Avatar image for herx
Posted By Herx

T'was Fan-Frigging-tastic.

Avatar image for growup
Posted By growup

Loved it. 4/5

Avatar image for batteredarmor
Posted By BatteredArmor

Awesome it was really good. good script. good concept. overall good

Avatar image for kal_smahboi
Posted By Kal'smahboi

I liked it a lot.

Avatar image for lostlantern13
Posted By lostlantern13

I'm only a few minutes in and it already got more right than the movie.

Avatar image for super_man_23
Posted By SUPER-MAN 23

Can't wait to see this later

Avatar image for shiningarmor
Edited By ShiningArmor

Combine Bruce Timm's story telling, Josh Keaton's voice, and my recently dethroned favorite comic franchise. I'm sold.

To be clear, GL and it's affiliates were my favorite comics up until War of the Green Lanterns. In the new 52, New Guardians is still awesome but Batman and Teen Titans have dethroned the other GL books as my favorite.

Avatar image for ssejllenrad
Posted By ssejllenrad

I love GL and I love Bruce Timm's works. But this is just hard to look at. I have a background in 3D animation and the lack of textures here is simply a chore to watch.

With that said, I'm still gonna check it out. Perhaps the stories have some redeeming factor in them.

Avatar image for catpanexe

is Bleez going to be in it? I watched the preview and didn't see her. I want to watch Bleez!

Avatar image for redhush1
Posted By RedHush1

I cant wait for this :D

Avatar image for khaoohs
Posted By khaoohs

Looking forward to this myself. Looks good.

Avatar image for obtrusive
Posted By Obtrusive

Hal looks like Mr incredible from the incredibles.

Avatar image for yo_yo_fun
Edited By yo_yo_fun

The show looks good!

The CG animation does take some getting use to and the voice actors are good too.

Plus, it's Bruce Timm! Of course it's going to be good!! if only I had

Avatar image for alwaysbeclothing
Posted By AlwaysBeClothing

Reading TAS and hearing him say "I am vengeance" in my head I already completed it to "I am the night, I AM BATMAN!"

Avatar image for batfan1939
Posted By batfan1939

I think I'll probably watch this, though the CG could be bettter, in terms of lighting on the costumes and stuff (it still looks lkike everything's made of Jello). Loved the Incredibles comparison, that helps (now that I can see it), and justifies why some of the models are so... quirky. I like Kevin Michael Richardson, who voiced Static's dad in Static Shock, the Joker in The Batman, Tawky Tawny in the DCU DTV with Capt. Marvel and Supes, and about a thousand other awesome characters. I'm looking forward to him as Kilowog, especially since he's a little more "hard-nosed" than the characters Kevin tends to play.

Avatar image for eyz
Posted By Eyz

Looking a tad bit too "kiddy" for my tastes, and I love a lot of DC cartoons like Brave & the Bold or Young Justice...

And I cannot like this art direction, CGi or not...reminds me waaay to much of PSX games' CGi sequences than a proper tv series...

Avatar image for nxh
Posted By NXH

Looks awful.

Avatar image for zackattack529
Posted By zackattack529

i will be giving this series ONE chance at the first two episodes and im gone. this is just trash. but we'll see how it turns out.

and just because this is bruce timm and all he's done for batman..doesn't mean he'd do as well with green lantern!? i mean thats like when MJ went from basketball to golf...look what happened lol

Avatar image for enigma777
Posted By Enigma777

Looks like crap.

Avatar image for pikahyper
Posted By pikahyper

I still loathe the cgi style but I'll give it a try.

Anybody know if the cartoon has any ties to the movie??? I haven't seen the movie yet so I wouldn't want to watch it out of order.

Moderator Online
Avatar image for artisticneedham
Edited By ArtisticNeedham
No Caption Provided

I am so excited to see this cartoon, I set my DVR to record the whole series. Looks wonderful. Best of all, the animated DVDs of the Green Lantern movies Emerald Knights and First Flight make me realize what a rich resource this is, they could fill the cartoon with so many GLs,I would love a team up of Hal, Kyle, Guy, John, and Killowag, and so many bad guys, like how Emerald Knights mentioned the Sinestro War and Chronos (I think he was called), and story lines like Blackest Knight or something. We might finally see all this awesomeness brought into the cartoon.

Avatar image for mcbean
Posted By mcbean

@Jordanstine: LOL how true

Avatar image for lostlantern13
Posted By lostlantern13

In Timm I trust.

Avatar image for DanialCarroll
Posted By DanialCarroll

By "stylized CG animation", you mean "cheap", right? Because everything I've seen of this show looks of the quality I was making in University back in '98. If you go the CG route, it has to be good, people!

Avatar image for redowl_1
Posted By RedOwl_1

I like the voices, but I'm not a fan of CG animation (I take it like crap) but if the history, of in other words the "plot" traps me in the first episode (no second chance) I will see it constantly (like Young Justice :F)

Avatar image for theblueangel93
Posted By TheBlueAngel93

The animation looks good for those two clips, and the voice acting seems great as well; they got Hal's cocky smart-mouthing down it appears from that second video and the fact that they're actually bringing in other Lantern Corps makes me excited that people who may not read the comics, including little kids who I know will watch this, will learn that there's more than the color green flying around in the DC Universe. Not to mention it gives me hope that we may get to see other Lantern Corps (Blue Lanterns!!!! ^_^) in the future! :D

Avatar image for dadivineking
Posted By DaDivineKing

I will most definitly watch this I am a huge GL fan.

Avatar image for mikeclark1982
Posted By mikeclark1982

i am loving what it looks like! it looks like what timm always wanted his stuff to look like!

Avatar image for teflonbilly
Posted By TeflonBilly

Hate the CG and am really not feeling Hal's flippant and jokey 'tude in that clip.

Guess I've gotta give Bruce Timm the benefit of the doubt though and give it a look.

Avatar image for glforhire
Posted By GLforHIRE

as a GL fan the animation looks gay...looks like lego starwars or lantern tv slacking again...sigh

Avatar image for darkshadows
Posted By DarkShadows

I had my doubts on this show because the animation are not that great, but I am still going to give it a chance.

Avatar image for the_poet
Posted By The Poet

not crazy about the animation, but I'm glad its actully happening...

Avatar image for churrific
Posted By churrific

I think I'm more open-minded to the CG thanks to Iron Man, so I'll give it a try too.

Avatar image for GrimoireMyst
Posted By GrimoireMyst

I was going to but thanks for the reminder.

Avatar image for degraaf

The voices dont bother me and as much as i thought i would hate the CG look, the only persons look i cant stand is Hal Jordans, everyone else i seem to like.

Avatar image for alkusanagi
Posted By AlKusanagi

I like how the animation is basically using the DCAU aesthetic, even though I seem to be in the minority.

Avatar image for herx
Posted By Herx

my interest is peeked, and vewing it i shall do.

Avatar image for sekele
Posted By Sekele


he's too far down the line for that, and would require too much explanation

not to mention WB would not allow Hal to be a villain after they invested so much into the movies

Avatar image for gambit1024
Posted By Gambit1024

I got to see it at NYCC. Gotta say, I was really impressed. I was very skeptical about the CG, but that didn't ruin it for me. I'd recommend it to any Hal Jordan (OR KILOWAG!) fan.

Avatar image for yumulu
Posted By Yumulu


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