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Review: Green Lantern Corps #54

The new team's hitting its stride.

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Kyle Rayner must a pick a fight with Sinestro to convince him, of all things, to rescue his own daughter from the Weaponer.

The Good

Sora's portion of this issue pleasantly reminded me of some of the best Grimm's fairy tales, with the Weaponer being almost like a classical ogre who can be alternately sympathetic or deranged depending on what buttons you push. What I've really enjoyed about GLC as a title on the whole is the greater sense of moral ambiguity in the plotting, and that carries here with a new villain who you can get behind as a wronged avenger while still fearing him as a man with an indiscriminate vendetta.

The Bad

As with the last issue, I'm a little puzzled by the number of splash pages that were used here, especially when the subjects are odd choices like the two page spread of Sora simply waking up in the Weaponer's workshop. The real consequence is that you'll get to the end of this issue really feeling like it capped off at a half-issue's worth of a plot.

The Verdict - 4/5

After a bit of a rocky start with the Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns, this new creative team is definitely starting to find its own rhythm with this Weaponer arc. Ever since Sinestro started his own corps, I've been wondering when the Qwardian origins of the yellow ring would ever be reconciled with its new, fear-based purpose. Thus, I'm glad to see that question addressed here in a dynamic way that also introduces a fascinating new bad guy with a rather clever gimmick.