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Review: Green Lantern Corps #53

This new Weaponer's got a great gimmick...

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A new, more aggressive Weaponer from Qward kidnaps Sora as part of a rather nasty scheme to get revenge on Sinestro.

The Good

To focus on something specific, I got a kick out of all of Sora constructs' being medical instruments. With all these Corps having the same powers, it's tough to make one corpsman unique from the next, so it was a quite clever way to express her character (and imagination.)  Speaking of powers, this new Weaponer's weakness-specifying weapon is an awesome. And I love the fractured family dynamic that's come up now that Kyle has to deal with Sinestro as his girlfriend's dad.

The Bad

Even though the Weaponers of Qward get a redesign in this issue, I can't help but wish that Kirkham could've taken the makeover even farther. Their winged helmets are Silver Age accessories that stick out awkwardly next to the sleek updates that Sinestro and the Green Lanterns have gotten. I feel like there's an excess of splashes and double-splashes in this issue and, considering that this new Weaponer is featured in most of them, that worsened my issues with the outfit.

The Verdict - 4/5

While I was a little cool to the last storyline with Hank Henshaw and the Alpha Lanterns, I think Bedard's shaken the transition pangs out, now, and he's setting up a much more interesting storyline here. I'm eager to see this long-established part of GL's mythos finally get an update to fit into the new cosmology - - though I still wish they'd given the Weaponer a totally new outfit.