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Review: Green Lantern Blu-ray/DVD Extended Cut

How much does the extended cut add to the original movie?

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Green Lantern is making its way to Blu-ray and DVD (as well as a 3D home version). Comic fans looked forward to the movie but it wasn't quite all that we hoped it would be. I won't rehash the movie review I posted back in June. I still feel the same as I did before. I do like Ryan Reynolds as an actor but felt he was not the right casting choice to play Hal Jordan. Blake Lively's role didn't quite capture the strong character of Carol Ferris seen in the comics and Peter Sarsgaard sometimes came across as a little silly as Hector Hammond. As for Parallax, trying to depict him was a challenge to begin with. I'm just not a fan of giant smokey creatures. Some of the visuals were a little shakey but as a long time Green Lantern fan, there was still some pretty rad moments seeing the ring's construct visualized in live-action form.

Comic book fans can be the harshest critics when it comes to comic book movies. We know the movies can't and won't be completely faithful to the original source. When viewing this movie and other adaptations, you have to decide how forgiving you're willing to be and see if it's possible to enjoy the movie as a piece of entertainment and not a pure translation of the comic book characters.

What really got me interested in this release was the fact that it includes an extended cut (not available in 3D or on the DVD). The movie was nearly two hours but a couple of my complaints was Hal's time on Oa and his learning period before facing Hector for the first time felt too brief. It was my hope that the extended portions would address these issues and the idea of seeing more of Oa was exciting.

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After watching the extended version, I almost didn't notice what had been added. The extended version does run about nine minutes longer. It turns out the extra footage pretty much occurs at the very beginning. We see young Hal at home and sneaking off to see his dad's test flight (and we know how that ends). A little of this footage was seen in flashbacks when Hal's jet was about to crash. Seeing the full footage was reminiscent to Geoff Johns' 'Secret Origin' issues.

Many comments I've seen about the extended version were questions asking if the extra footage makes the movie better. The answer is, not really. It helps to get a better sense of Hal. It helps you understand why he lives his life so recklessly and it was a nice touch seeing that Hal, Carol and even Hector knew each other since they were kids. The extra footage did not fix the timing issues or moments of silliness with Hector or Parallax. It was good to see but it didn't completely change the movie. After the incident with Hal's father, it goes to the present and original beginning of the movie.

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One thing that was a great touch was the DC Comics 'New 52' commercial automatically playing when you pop the disc in your player. This is something I've said was necessary for some time now. Many that see comic book movies are unaware that comic books are still made or that they come out on a weekly/monthly basis. Granted the commercial doesn't fully explain what the 'New 52' is all about but it's a start.

Green Lantern is also the movie that comes with UltraViolet Digital Copy. Warner Bros. has announced titles with this feature that allows you to instantly stream movies from a digital cloud to computers, tablets and smartphones. The disc comes with a code needed to activate and access your digital copy.

PS3 only...
PS3 only...

PS3 fans planning on getting 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' also get a code for a Sinestro Corps Batman skin you can use in the story campaign and challenge maps.

You also have the option of watching the movie in 'Maximum Movie Mode.' This allows you to uncover secrets during the movie. I chose not to check this feature out as I always find these types of things as more of an annoyance.

Also in the Special Features are several mini 'making of' features. These include The Art of Green Lantern (showing pre-production art); Weapons Hot: The U.C.A.V. Dog Fight; Reinventing the Superhero Costume (you can find out how they made Ryan Reynolds and Sinestro wear those shining suits); Ring Slinging 101 (behind the scenes footage showing the addition of CGI); We Are The Corps (information on the prominent members of the Corps); Acting Under 10 Pounds of Silicone (the transformation of Peter Saarsgard to look more like "Krona"); Guardians Revealed and When Parallax Attacks.

Besides the mini 'Focus Points' features, there is The Universe According to Green Lantern which shows Hal Jordan's inception and rebirth. We also get to see Ryan Reynolds Becomes Green Lantern with the physical and mental training he went through.

Despite being an extended cut (only nine minutes), there were still just over seven minutes of other scenes not used. Some of them are not complete with special effects but there was some scenes with them. The strangest one involves Hector Hammond and one of his hamsters. There's also a different scene with Hal arriving on Oa asking Sinestro for help on Earth against Parallax (it's weird seeing the two in their filming suits rather than the shiny glowing ones in the movie), Hal talks to Carol about getting to safety before Parallax arrives and a scene with Hal's brother and nephew preparing to seek shelter.

Another great move was the inclusion of a digital copy Justice League #1. While it might not be the best introduction for non-comic book readers, the fact that it features the first encounter between Batman and Hal Jordan could be enough to get some to seek out the comics. The comic reader operates similarly to comiXology's reader but doesn't fully zoom in on individual panels.

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Overall, it's unfortunate that the movie didn't turn out better. There were definitely parts that I liked and many parts that left me shaking my head...or my fist. The behind-the scenes/extra features were actually pretty cool, seeing how they made it all happen. While I didn't love the movie, it is one I'd want in my library. The characters may not have been portrayed as comic fans might've liked but seeing the ring's light constructs and getting a glimpse of Oa were things I've always wanted to see turned to live action. My fingers are crossed that if there should be a sequel, the complaints many had will be addressed and we'll get something even better.


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Posted By KainScion

why extend crap?

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Posted By xsuit

This makes the second time I've heard compliments about the extras/extended scenes. Now I'm really curious.

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Posted By papo

Green Lantern is my favorite book and I can't believe they ruin it so bad I guess it had to happen like the first hulk movie for marvel. but why waste so much money if you can't do it right! plus this is DC mayor movie since Batman The Dark Knight on 2008. I was really hoping for the movie to be at least decent.

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Posted By LittleSocrates

Unfortunate that this isn't the Daredevil situation where the director's/extended cut is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the theatrical.

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Posted By FadeToBlackBolt
@papo said:

Green Lantern is my favorite book and I can't believe they ruin it so bad I guess it had to happen like the first hulk movie for marvel. but why waste so much money if you can't do it right! plus this is DC mayor movie since Batman The Dark Knight on 2008. I was really hoping for the movie to be at least decent.

The movie was better than GL Volume 4. Hal actually appeared to have a character. Parallax wasn't used just to erase 50 years of history. Hal's actions had consequences. It wasn't a good movie, but it was as good as one could expect from the lamentable GL saga of Geoff Johns. 
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Posted By Knight Train

Everybody knows that comics are still made monthly

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Posted By AlKusanagi

No commentary tracks? That would have been the only reason I probably would have picked it up.

Avatar image for papo
Posted By papo

@FadeToBlackBolt: have only read volume 4 unfortunately since I started collecting comics on October last year. I really like Geoff Johns.

Since you have read more about Hal and happens to be one of my favorite characters. which arcs should I get?

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Edited By EnSabahNurX

This movie needs a Director's cut which was really only done well for Dare Devil. But if they did that kind of director's cut maybe they could make the movie good, it worked for dare devil. Extended cuts shouldn't be an option unless they actually extend the film A LOT. Green lantern's extended version sounds like Elektra's director's cut(2-3 minute difference) and basically completely pointless

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Posted By Michiel76

@G-MAN: You don't like giant smokey creatures? What about lost? that thing was pretty awesome!!

Avatar image for utandi
Posted By Utandi

CGI killed the cinema star.

Avatar image for sora_thekey
Posted By sora_thekey

I haven't seen the movie. I think I'm going to buy it.

Avatar image for sevangrim
Posted By SevanGrim

that is some UGLY box art. Someone needs to go re-learn their color schemes.

its too clustered. Every character is green and some other color. The world around should have been green too, or at least something more passive than a bright ass sky blue. And why yellow for the words extended edition? White writing should have been enough. Ryan is front and center, and he's almost completely washed out by the noise.

i didnt expect more of the film. But i at least expected them to box it right. I almost dont want to buy this... i might not actually. eventually, there will be a 2, and then there might be a better box.

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Posted By Mbecks14

I was disappointed in the movie, but i still liked parts of it. I'm going to buy it. Hopefully the sequel will be much better

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@Knight Train: Each Wednesday I take a cab from the office to the comic shop and when conversation is started, they seem surprised comics still come out even if they're familiar with some of the characters. Also when I tell people what my job is, they're also surprised.

@Michiel76: I didn't really like the smoke creature in LOST so much. Maybe it was the lack of a proper explanation.

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Posted By Eyz

Those scenes of young Hal in Secret Origins is what sold me on the modern Geoff Johns Green Lantern run. Glad to see ore of in the LIVE version too!

Avatar image for DanialCarroll
Posted By DanialCarroll

Having never read a single Green Lantern book before this film came out, I actually didn't mind it. It was certainly no Thor or Cap, but it was still a fun ride. I do agree that "smoke monsters" are a stupid, but in the example of FF2, would a giant man in purple armour have been any better? :)

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Posted By SQReview

@KainScion: Agreed! I don't think any edition of this film will make me want to spend more money on it than I've already wasted. And I'm a huge Green Lantern fan.

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Posted By fps_dean

I liked Secret Origins... if they stuck to that story, the movie would have been awesome! But they changed a lot and for the worse... they try to explain way too much, too fast and even leave comic readers like me pretty much in the dark when it's all over, and when the final battle came, I felt like "that's it?"

I can't believe they'd mess it up so badly. They had a great storyline written for them...

Avatar image for the_mighty_monarch
Posted By The Mighty Monarch

Of course, no matter what I still have to buy this because, frankly, SINESTRO CORPS SKIN FOR ARKHAM CITY!

Avatar image for manlyscream
Posted By ManlyScream

Wow, what a nice incentive with the Sinestro Corps skin..granted I was already purchasing both the movie and game (if I wasn't i would be ticked because it will probably be dlc later). Sounds like a pretty great time to wait for the grittier, heavier, emotionally disturbing sequel they promise!

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Posted By Chris2KLee

Sequel should just fire Reynolds and get a new actor, or just go with Kyle as GL and start from scratch.

Avatar image for methodman008
Posted By MethodMan008

Great review!

Also @ Tony, the article says Arkham Asylum, not Arkham City.

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Posted By difficlus

@KainScion said:

why extend crap?

my thought exactly...

Avatar image for neuron
Posted By Neuron

I actually liked the movie. It definitely could have been better, but it was fun. I'm interested to see the added scenes.

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Ah well, at least I know now that by buying the DVD version only (don't have BRD) that I won't be missing much. The movie's all I really want.

Avatar image for tempest55
Posted By Tempest55

I will get this film when it is cheaper, like 15 bucks. I'm not feeling to good about paying 20+ bucks for it.

Avatar image for christopherwalken
Posted By christopherwalken

I don't really think I want to watch an even longer version of a bad film.

Avatar image for wattup
Posted By Wattup

I always felt this movie should have been a team movie with Hal, John, Guy and maybe Kyle.

Avatar image for sammo21
Posted By Sammo21

Tony, you seem really conflicted lol. Up until the end what I read screames that you didnt like it. I know I personally thought it was terrible.

Avatar image for decept_o
Posted By Decept-O

Still haven't seen this. Don't know if I will even bother renting it. Let's hope if a sequel gets made it turns out better, based on all the reviews and comments I've read about this movie.

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Edited By Jordanstine
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Posted By Doctor!!!!!

The only good part of the whole movie is the fact that you get a Sinestro Corp outfit!

Fear the Bat! not Ryan Reynolds (sorry Ry)

Avatar image for maxicere
Posted By maxicere

The problem with this movie was the CGI.

Avatar image for danhimself
Posted By danhimself

this wasn't as bad of a movie as everyone exaggerates it out to be but it wasn't that good either....I think what would have made it better is if they would have stuck with Hal and Sinestro's relationship more...gone for more of a Training Day type of movie and focused on Sinestro's banishment from the Corps

Avatar image for pplus0440
Posted By pplus0440

Honestly I liked this movie. It was my intro to Green Lantern who'm before i assumed was some lame super hero noone cared about. After watching the movie....I subscribe to 6 DC comics. I agree however it had some problems but it's definatly not the worst movie out there.

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Edited By The Impersonator

Green Lantern live-action movie my @$$!

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Posted By Kal'smahboi
@Tempest55 said:

I will get this film when it is cheaper, like 15 bucks. I'm not feeling to good about paying 20+ bucks for it.

You can buy The Dark Knight for five bucks. Attribute that to over production but that's what I'm waiting for for Green Lantern.
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Posted By CODYSF

The movie was meh but they could of done a better job I hope they have a new actor for green lantern and director.

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Posted By XLR87T3

Sinestro and Kilowog are the only significant characters in the movie, and that's a fact. "sniff sniff  You smell funny" , Michael Clarke Duncun should stay Kilowog, and that goes to Sinestro.

Avatar image for neverpraying
Posted By Neverpraying

Someone would have to buy this for me, then pay me to watch it, about 30 dollars, and a bucket to throw up from the terrible movie.

Avatar image for they_killed_cap_
Posted By They Killed Cap!

Im gonna get it, I know it wasn't great...but it wasn't absolutley horrible...

Avatar image for feralweasel
Posted By Feralweasel

The movie was terrible. The casting of Hal was a failure to say the least. The script was alright and I could live with special effects. However, there is a just a point where I get extremely frustrated with the lack of character to actor relation. Ryan Reynolds is not Hal Jordan, no matter how you explain it, he was a terrible choice. Once again we see popular actors ruining movies. Just because they are popular does not mean they fit the role. As a film student and a die hard GL fan, I was extremely let down by the movie and I will not buy it.