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Review: Green Lantern #58

A new mythology unfolds.

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Green Lantern, Larfleeze and Star Sapphire search for the new host of Adara, the hope entity, while Atrocitus and Sinestro wreck irreparable harm on the new guardians' reputation.

The Good

Even though it's probably better to save this kind of commentary for "the verdict," the larger tapestry that Johns has woven the DCU's cosmology into makes this book infinitely interesting. There have been many attempts to turn superhero pantheons into modern mythologies, but this has been the most effective, by far. The new guardians and their entities are larger-than-life personalities and personifications of abstract concepts, and I love seeing how their philosophies intersect and collide. On a more basic note - - Larfleeze is hilarious.

The Bad

Star Sapphire's mention of Cowgirl does bring up the rather thorny issue of how Hal's relationship with her has been summarily relegated to the background while he's dealt with Blackest Night and all its associated phenomena for the past year or so. I wonder if it might've been more sensible to have just kept him single this whole time.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

I've been keeping my eye on Johns' GL run since it was first announced at conventions, however long ago. Even though we're getting close to the five year mark, now, I feel like he's still hitting his stride. Without contradicting any established continuity, he's truly established a new world that's as a fresh, surprising and exciting as any company launch. If you haven't gotten into GL, do so now, because you'll want to say you were there while DC history was being made.