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Review: Green Hornet #8

A pulp-character in all new adventures!

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Green Hornet, Kato, and Black Hornet have a all out battle in Century City. Black Hornet's identity is revealed!

The Good

First thing's first. I've missed out on a few issues of this series, but jumping back in was incredibly simple. I was never confused or felt lost, since the dialogue did a good job at catching me up without being too expository. Aside from that, there isn't much I didn't enjoy about this issue. Do you like action? Good because you're going to get a buttload of it in issue #8 of this series. The art really stands out in this issue. It is beautiful. The combine efforts of Jonathan Lau's pencils and Ivan Nunes colors make this book stand out compared to the vast majority of current comics out. In addition, you have breakdowns by Phil Hester and the writing of Kevin Smith, so the story is solid and the dialogue is fantastic. This book has a lot going for it.

The Bad

There isn't anything I can really say was bad about the issue. Readers new to the world of Green Hornet may have a little trouble jumping on and understanding who the new Green Hornet and Kato are, based off this issue alone, but they can quickly grasp an understanding for the characters simply by reading the beginning of this series, or at least the first couple of issues.

The Verdict 4.5/5

For comic book fans that want to make the transition to independent comics that still have the "big two" feel to it, Green Hornet may be what they're looking for. It's flat-out a fun book with great art and great writing, and although this issue may not be the best for a new reader to jump on, the series is only on issue #8, so picking up those first 7 shouldn't be a tremendous challenge. I highly recommend this book.