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Review: Green Arrow #4

What's going on with Martian Manhunter?

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The latest victim of the White Lantern tree's "power irritation" is Martian Manhunter - - and Green Arrow has to rein this friend in, even as he's lost control of himself.

The Good

This notion of Green Arrow needing to protect this small-but-infinitely-important tree from all the nefarious forces floating around Brightest Day... it's actually a pretty cool corner for him to occupy in this greater company-wide storyline. Neves' got some serious flash, as well -- it was a novel (but welcome) experience to see Ollie presented with such gold, sleek rendering. It made him look cooler than I've really ever seen him.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this is sort-of an "in-between issue" so it's really hard to sink your teeth into the plot if you haven't gotten the set-up (which I haven't.) Also, Ollie Queen's abilities and situations have never been as memorable as his insufferable personality and we really don't get to see as much of that here as I would've liked. He seemed a bit too much like a regular leading man.

The Verdict - 3/5

There are some interesting clues here pertaining to the greater mysteries of Brightest Day. I'm especially intrigued by the forms J'onn involuntarily assumes while he's in close proximity to the tree. Still, I've always felt that GA's works best when he's part of a larger ensemble (like in the Justice League) so I'm not sure I was compelled enough by his solo adventures here to look for what's come before or coming after this issue.