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Review: Green Arrow #32

Holy awesomeness!


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I haven't read Green Arrow in a few years, not since he was mayor, but I felt the need to take it upon myself to catch up. I read the Cry for Justice stuff, and all the following books for Green Arrow, up until now, just to do this review. I'm dedicated, but only this one time. This is a banner year for Green Arrow. Out of any character in DC history, he's had the most bad stuff dumped on him in the past 3-6 months, yet he continues on.

The Good

  Where do I start? J.T. Krul's writing has been solid, amazing, intriguing, exciting, and more importantly, he really knows how to poop on a character. Nothing is going right for Ollie in this book, and it plays out so well. I'm incredibly glad I went back and read the recent Arrow issues because I may have been quite lost without knowing all that info. I felt the art was the weakest part of this book, but it worked so well with the writing that it didn't bug me. In all honesty, the art wasn't bad at all. I'm just trying to be picky because I like this book so much.

The Bad

  I have to wait for June for the next Green Arrow issue? But I just really started liking this book again!

The Verdict

  I would highly suggest picking up the last few issues of Green Arrow, and this issue. Along with Justice League Rise and Fall Special and the Arsenal special, you will not be disappointed. Even if you don't like Green Arrow, this story is strong enough to make you like him.