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Review: Green Arrow #2

A Brightest Day tie-in!

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Green Arrow and Hal Jordan team up to defend the Star City woods from the new security team at Queen Industries. Featuring a shocking conclusion!

The Good

It's a quick, fun book. Krul's writing breezes you through this entertaining issue as we learn a little more about the forest in Star City and that White Lantern tree we saw in issue one. Lots of great action, and lots of Ollie proving why this place is "his forest." For me, the most enjoyable part of this book is Krul's take on Green Arrow. As I said when I reviewed the last issue, I love the fact he's essentially Robin Hood now, and I love it even more now that he's working with Hal Jordan. (Maybe we'll see them together again?) This issue is mainly about friendships and mystery, so it's a little something different from your typical DC book, even if at first glimpse it just seems like two heroes beating up bad guys.

The Bad

The only real complaint I have is the cross-hatching on the faces during close-ups. I'd much rather see color shading than ink shading. That last page conclusion was entirely garbage by the way. It's hard to discuss without revealing anything too. I just hated it and found it worthless. I'm interested in why it happened and how, but not the actual event itself.

The Verdict 4/5

J.T. Krul has made Green Arrow into one of my favorites at DC, and all he really did was make him Robin Hood, and it works so well. I really don't have too many complaints because from cover-to-cover, this was such a fun book. You don't have to be a Green Arrow or Green Lantern fan to love this book, but if you're one of those people who only wants to read comics featuring over-powered heroes that don't struggle, this isn't the book for you, but I'll recommend this to everyone anyway.