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Review: Gotham City Sirens #15

Sirens stick together!

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Harley Quinn and Catwoman cut through the monstrous flora that Poison Ivy's grown in Robinson Park and attempt to talk her out of a dangerous dalliance she's having with an alien plant man.

The Good   

Color me surprised, but this was actually quite good. I honestly wasn't expecting to find a story with this kind of lean, mean storytelling in a book like Gotham City Sirens, but here it is, none-the-less. The premise of this super-villainess duo carving into a nightmare garden to save their friend from herself was intriguing on it's own, actually. I was actually touched by the theme of battered women bonding in solidarity... since it was done in a way that wasn't heavy-handed nor eye-roll inducing. Actually, Bedard found some clever links in continuity, drawing connections between Harley's relationship with the Joker and Ivy's relationships with the Floronic Man, as well as this new guy. Guinaldo's art totally fit the tone, delivering the goods of "cape action" while surrounding the reader in a haunting prison of sinister plant life.

The Bad   

You know, maybe the art really wasn't as polished as I would've liked on the whole, but I honestly didn't mind it too much. It actually fit the tone of this being a raw, dirty situation happening in one of Gotham neglected corners. It shouldn't look too pretty.

The Verdict - 4/5  

Even though I'm only catching the tail end of this storyline with Posion Ivy and her other-worldly boyfriend, I was still digging it a lot more than the previous arc with Catwoman's nutso nun sister. Between this, Green Lantern Corps and Rebels, Bedard's quickly rising on my list of writers to watch at DC.