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Review: Gotham City Sirens #13

Good girls and bad girls in a good and bad book.

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Catwoman's confrontational reunion with her sister, Maggie, intensifies as the "angel" seemingly possessing her takes control of Harley Quinn, too.

The Good

I commented last issue about enjoying how Maggie serves as an unreliable narrator for all these events (reminding me of the movie Frailty) and I continued to enjoy the range of voices throughout here. This is one of the rare times I could "hear" a character speaking in my mind - - I could easily imagine the voice actress from Batman: The Animated Series saying Harley's lines. What's maybe even scarier is that you can just easily describe "Sister Zero" as being bats*** insane or a righteous crusader trying to save her sister from her wicked ways. The part where Harley gets possessed and then shakes off Catwoman's drug-related explanation was quite creepy, too. I don't how convincing Maggie's change of opinion regarding Selina felt following her explanation that she didn't, in fact, steal the relic, but I could follow it from her point of view. I also want to compliment whichever artist did the second half of the issues, because his background truly felt like real, livable environments.

The Bad

I'm not sure which artist drew which half of the book, but I was really distracted by how under-rendered the scenery was for all the grave yard scenes. It looks like only the tombstones were actually drawn while the colorist had to fill in the grass and the sky and awkwardly cut the two off because because there were no lines to separate the pattern fills. This stood out even more given how the artist of the second half actually lavished quite a bit of detail on all the backgrounds. Also, I have to say that part where "Sister Zero" strangles Harley with her rosary was really ridiculous (especially given the more serious themes being played with in this story arc.)

The Verdict - 3/5

More than anything, I'd say this storyline can be enjoyed as good character piece for the Sirens and this likely-demented Sister Zero. There were good parts and bad parts in the art depending on which half you were looking at, and there were a couple parts the got a little ridiculous. This is a decent read, with equal positives and negatives.