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Review: God of War #2

An impressive addition to God of War's mythos.

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Kratos' quest for ambrosia puts him into direct conflict with other Olympians' champions.

The Good

I'm not the biggest fan of collage-style art, but I'm starting to warm Sorrentino's work in this issue. He's integrated the photos more naturally into the imagery this time around and I'm getting an even stronger vibe of these pages evoking heroic cave drawings. Or, more appropriately, they're like the Stucco vase-style back-story animations from the game. I especially liked how he rendered the council of gods observing these adventures from Olympus - - it felt epic. Now that some of the other gods' human champions are getting introduced, things are starting to get more complicated and much more interesting. I'm glad that Wolfman hasn't shied away from Kratos being a bastard. The Therans' leader is perhaps even more heroic than him and he even states, validly, the Kratos' quest is only really heroic from the point of the view of the Spartans. But if it comes down to what's right and keeping his daughter alive, then you know what Kratos is going to choose. It's thematic points like that make this for "Mature Readers" for reasons aside from just the gore.

The Bad

The dialogue in the first issue really nailed the tone of the game's. As I said, you could really hear Kratos' voice actor speaking in your head. That's mostly the case here, although sometimes, I think you actually need him to say some of the lines. They'd sound awesome when spoken aloud, but they sound a little cheesy when read. However, I stress that those are just some lines. I was also a little confused by the transition from Kratos' modern journey to his past journey, but that confusion was fleeting.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

Even if you've never played the game, I still encourage you to pick this title up. It's one of the best on the shelves, this week. I was actually looking forward to reading it when I picked up. If you are a fan of the games, you'll be pleased to find a comic that's a worthy addition to God of War's greater storyline. This isn't a cash in - - this a kickass book with much more dramatic weight than typical escapist adventures.